Sunday, 29 March 2020

Forgotten Culture -- "AGRICULTURE"

               Corona have Impacted our daily lives, like nothing else. If we forward and think once again about future. We are missing somethings.

               I have started thinking this when CORONA broke out. Everyone is buying Groceries; I am also in the queue.

               What if the VIRUS is carried with the GROCERIES? Where are we taking it…!

                                 Straight to the kitchen….!!

                What if the VIRUS is affected to the Salesman in the shops, delivery boys, or anyone who is getting in contact to us.?  CORONA Transmits through the material we take from them also.

     Do you know the VIRUS stays alive for 8 hours on a metal and at-least for 4 hours on any other surface including Fabric?

                                 Honestly, I am not Panic.

Today the Questions I have before me are:
1.       How many days we will be locked out.?

2.       Will there be any medicine so soon for CORONA??

3.       If Locked out, Isolation period is over …!

Are we sure we are stepping in the world where CORONA    is really dead???

4.       What if the LOCK OUT period is extended..??

5.       Does the recession going to impact all the world?

6.       What will we eat, if we can’t step out of the house….!

          Then I realized, what we left behind.    
                                     Our culture – AGRICULTURE ....!

                 can save us from this hard situation.

The work we do may stop at any moment. Still we need to eat and survive...!

Though the Isolation period extended. Still we need to eat and survive..!

What If we have bought seeds, plants –planted them in where ever place we have in our house. It may not work on day one, two……But, will work after 2 weeks. It started working for me.

We can’t be a Farmer and cultivate everything. But, can do something for our survival. 

Which is the forgotten Culture – AGRICULTURE.

Our Health lies in the food we take every day. Can’t we keep it in our own hands.?

WE learn Rocket science too using YouTube. Can’t we learn our Culture again.??

                                                                                                                                               THINK AGAIN.


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