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Everyone has the knowledge of how many years a Pushkaram takes to come back to a river and how long it stays. But, there are more reasons behind this tradition and custom.

Pushkar is the name of a famous pilgrim center known as Pushkara Kshethra located in Rajasthan about 17 km from Ajmer city.  It is said and believed that the lake here known as Pushkara Lake was the creation of Lord Brahma on the banks of which He performed penance for several thousands of years.  You will find here one of the very few temples where Lord Brahma is worshiped.

Pushkara or Pushkar is a Sanskrit word derived from the element of Push (Pushti) meaning nourishment and Kara means one who does it. Pushkara is the energy that nourishes. Yes, The Pushkaram for each river come once every 12 years and lasts so long as the Jupiter remains in the corresponding zodiac sign. Pushkar along with three and half crore thirthas and Maharshis join him and make the water holy. Pushkara schedule for a particular river will be for one year, however, the first 12 days known as ‘Adi Pushkara’ and the last 12 days known as ‘Anthya Pushkara’ are held to be highly sacred.. Each Year it changes to different river as shown below. Based on the planet Jupiter movement in Zodiac sign Lord Pushkar enters 12 sacred rivers in India.

Depending on Jupiter movement in Zodiac signs, sacred rivers get energies and nourishes the place.

Jupiter in Aries river Ganga gets Pushkara.

In Taurus      - Narmada River. – April 22 to May 5th of 2024.
In Gemini      - Sarasvati River. – May 15th to May 26th of 2025.
In Cancer      - Yamuna River. – June 2nd to 13th of 2026.
In Leo            - Godavari River. – 2027.
In Virgo          - Krishna River. – August 12 to 23rd of 2016.
In Libra          - Kaveri River. – September 12 to 23rd of 2017.
In Scorpio      - Bheema River—September 12 to 23rd of 2018.
In Sagittarius - Pushkara-Vaahini River.—March 29 to April 9th of 2019.
In Capricorn  - Thunga -Bhadra River.—March 30th to April 10 of 2020.
In Aquarius   - Sindhu (Indus) River. – April 6th to 17th of 2021.
In Pisces      -  Pranhita River – April 13 to 24th of 2022.

The bath at Pushkara river must be taken early in the morning before sunrise during Brahma Muhurtha which is highly meritorious time. There is a belief that this bath (Pushkara Snana) will also cure all chronic ill health.

Myth Behind:

A popular story behind Pushkaram was Sages at ancient times requested Lord Varun (the king of all water bodies) to stay in 12 rivers every year. As per their request, he promised to stay in 12 rivers as per the planet Jupiter movements around sun. Whenever planet Jupiter enters in to a zodiac sign, each river gets Pushkar.

          As per the scripts, Lord Pushkara is the son of Lord Varuna. Pushkar prayed Lord Brahma and acquired a boon to live in sacred waters to purify them. He also prayed Lord Shiva and attain 'Jala Tattva Siddhi’(Physics of waters) and became king of all sacred waters and named as 'Theerdhapalaka' (Ruler of Sacred waters). Later to this Lord Jupiter prayed Lord Brahma to keep Pushkara along with him but, Pushkar refused it and Lord Brahma resolved conflict by requesting pushkar to stay with Jupiter for 24 days (12 days at beginning + 12 days at ending) when Lord Jupiter enters each Zodiac Sign.

It is said that during Pushkaram all Deities, Lord Brahma, Sages and Ancestors (Pithru Devathalu) will be residing in the river along with Jupiter (Brihaspati) and Pushkara.


According to brahmanda purana, what ever sins committed in this life and past life will be vanished and attain virtues by doing bath in river at the time of Pushkara. Pushkara snan will give equal benefits which are equivalent to doing of Ashvamedha Yag. Meditation at Narmadha river,Charity at Kurukshetra place, death in Kasi town are consider as the most auspicious but doing bath at the time of Pushkar will give all the three benefits. Ancient texts such as Rig veda 1.23 also explained the powers of water.


  • Before doing bath at the time of Pushkara we need to make small mud balls and leave them in the river as a request or permission to take bath in that place.
  • After bathing, Tharpan (act of giving water) has to be given to River,Lord Varuna, Planet Jupiter, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva ,Lord Brahma and all the Gods and Goddesses, 7 Sages, Sacred rivers at last to Lord Surya(Sun).
  • After giving tharpan, water should be released for 3 times with hands at the banks of river and drain the water from the edges cloths for 3 times before changing the dress.
  • After the above acts, Gayatri Japa has to be done or recite mantras related to Lord Surya.
  • People believe that tonsuring of head, staying, Fasting, Meditation, Donation, reciting mantras, Tharpanas for ancestors at the river in pushkara time is highly auspicious.
  • Watching, touching, bathing, drinking of sacred water at the time of pushkar is consider as highly auspicious and soul cleansing.

Science Behind:

  • The enhanced Electromagnetic field of earth due to sun spot cycle or solar magnetic activity cycle at the time pushkar magnetizes water in the river and enhances healing properties in water. It is observed that entire body system raised to condition where it is equal to the effect of meditation.
  • Water will acquire magnetic power from earth and stored until early hours of sun rise. Whenever a person perform bathing ritual at that time will be relieved from several health disorders.