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Sharada Peeth

    Sharada Peetha from Jammu is another Ashtadasa Shakthipeeth of Devi Sati. It is believed that the Lips of Devi Sathi has fallen here when Shri Maha Vishnu cuts the corpse of her with Sudarshan chakra. It is located on the banks of Neelum river in Azad Kashmir. This place is once celebrated as centre of learning in India. The temple is so ancient that Kashmir State was earlier known as 'Sharada Peeth'. It is at this temple that Sankaracharya received the right to sit on the Sarvanjnanapeetham or Sarvajna peetha(Throne of Wisdom).

                    The temple is at a height of 11000 feet above the sea level and is about 70 miles from Srinagar, summer Capital of Indian Administered Kashmir. The length of the temple is 142 feet and width is 94.6 feet. The outer walls of the temple are 6 ft. wide and 11 ft long. And there are arches with 8 ft. height. It is a very good example of architecture. The Śāradā image at Shringeri Sharadamba temple was once said to have been made of sandalwood, which is supposed to have been taken by the Sankaracharya from here.

               A mandir to Lord Shiva has also been built adjacent to the Saraswathi Mandir. There are four gates in four directions for entering Sharada Nilaya. Eminent scholars and philosophers had entered it from various directions and had established their scholarly merit But no one so far had adorned this chair of Sarvajna. And also till their no one had even attempted to enter the temple through the Southern gate May be this gate was waiting for Acharya Shankara. only who was from the South! Scholars of many group and communities were waiting for him in ‘ the premises of Sir Sharada Nilaya All were filled with a feeling of reverence to see him who was learned in both Jnana and Vijnana Yet the scholars in religious philosophies of Jaina, Bouddha, Samkhya, Yoga, Nays and Vaisheshika confronted him at the time of his entry to the temple, Shankara defeated all of them in philosophical debate and then entered the temple through the Southern gate.

               Acharya went to ascend Sarvajna Peetha. Sri Sharada, the presiding deity of all learning, herself set a test for him. Shankara passed this test also. After this the Goddess Herself blessed him, proclaiming his omniscience. So say the ‘Shankara Vijayas’.

             We can take this to be an allegory of all the struggles Shankara had to face in his life. Ascending the seat of Sarvajna situated in Kashmir of the North is a symbol. The meaning of it is that Shankara reached the peak of spirituality. We can get an idea of his greatness from the fact that a person of just thirty had ascended the throne of all knowledge.

            And this temple is presently completely destroyed in the hands PAK citizens.One belief is that knowing the future the Jagatguru brought her to Shringeri.Meanwhile the whole kashmir pandits and devotees of Sharada maatha are requesting POK Government permission for a visit to this shrine.It seems a Hindu Priest daily visits this temple and light a deepa daily.My knowedge also says that this is presently in the hands of PAK army and they are using the premises for military reasons.I dont think i need to specially mention what could be the status of this temple when it is in the hands of PAK.


                Goddess Sarada was worshipped by a Successor of Matanga maharshi by name Snadalya. He chanted Sarada mantra for a long period. He did worship with the help of a Sarada Yantra which includes three forms of the Goddes in it's three corners of central Trigone. They are Narada (Origin of Knowledge), Saraswati (Collection of Knowledge) and Vagdevi (Outcome of Knowledge). Sarada can be understood as a collection of all these three powers. After some time, Muni Sandalya got a divine advice to go to Sarada vana (Sarada forest). At first Sarada devi appears before him in the form of a glow. Because of his curiosity Sandalya reaches Gautama Ashram searching the goddess. In Gautama ashram he gets an intuition to go the confluence of river Madhumati with Kishenganga. Sarada devi shows him many a illusions but, after being prąyed by Sandalya she reveals her holy home, Sirahsila. The story of Sarada devi was written in detail in "Sarada Mahatmya". "Sarada Mahatmya" tells only about the success of Muni Sandalya in reaching the Goddess.

We are unable to protect our temple from the foreign Invaders who has ruined the old temple.


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