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Renuka Devi

 Renuka Devi Temple is one among the Ashtadasa Maha ShaktiPeethas. It is believed that the Left Hand of Sati devi has fallen here when her corpse is cut with Sudarshan Chakra of Shri Maha Vishnu. This is located in the Mahur of Nanded District, Maharastra. Mahur Enshrining Mahamaya and Renuka or Jagdamba devi and Saptashringi enshrining Jagadamba. Mahur is also said to be the birth place of God Dattatreya, he is born to goddess Anasuya. Renuka devi is the mother of Lord Parashuram( Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) hence this city is also known as Mata Pur. Diety is in form of Shiva Linga and temple is present in deep forests.

This town is One of the three and half Shakti Peethas of Maharashtra:- Renuka or Yellamma : "Mother of the Universe" or Jagadamba. 

                Legends say that Yellamma is the incarnation of Kali, who on one hand symbolizes the death of ego, and on the other hand is the mother who is compassionate about her children.

                Yellamma is worshipped mostly in South India, including Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Maharastra, where the deity is known by many other names like :-

Mahankali, Jogamma, Somalamma, Gundamma, Pochamma, Mysamma, Jagadambika, Holiyamma, Renukamata, Yellu aai, and Renuka Devi.

Story of Renuka Devi

                Renuka Devi was daughter Renuka raja (King); She was originated from the fire of Yajna performed King. Later Shree Renuka Devi married with great Hrishi (sage) Jamadagni. Sage Jamadagni was the son of Ruchik Muni and Satyavathi and had obtained the blessings of the gods by performing severe penance.
Mother Renuka is known for her devotion towards her husband. With her faith, she was able to fetch water in a pot built with unbaked clay. One day her thoughts get filled with desire for a moment when a group of Gandharvas are passed in sky through chariot and at that time the clay pot gets dissolved in water. Jamadagni knowing this with his yogic powers orders his sons to kill renuka. All of them refuses and angry father turns them to stone. But, Bhargava beheaded his mother and makes his father happy. He gets two boons for fulfilling his wish. The boy uses them for bringing his mother back to life and turning his brothers normal. It is believed that the head of Renuka Devi has fell here in this sacred city.

         A king named Kartavirya visits the hermitage of Jamadagni once and gets feasted well. He comes to know that it happened with the help of Kamadhenu he having. He requests for it and the king steals it from him. Jamadagni orders his son to visit piligrim places for purifying the stains of blood. Sons of kartavirya discovering that their father is killed by Parashuram. They decapitated his body and took head with them. In rage parashuram killed all the Kshatriyas (kings) for over 21 times and conducts the cremation of his father. His mother becomes Sati along with his father Jamadagni.

Temple Premises:

Parasurama temple : Lord Parasurama (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) temple is also present on the same hill. There is a holy pond here, called Parasurama kund.

Dattatreya Swamy temple : Jagadguru Dattareya swami temple is present on another hill.

Anasuya mata temple : Anasuya mata is the mother of Dattatreya swami. Her temple is present on the third hill.

Atri Maharshi temple : Atri maharshi is the father of Dattatreya swamy. This temple is also present beside Anasuya mata temple.

Matru tirtha : Matru tirha is a very holy pond described in Guru Charitra. Lord Parsurama did ceremony of his father, Jamadagni, in this place. People will take a holy dip in this pond and get rid off their sins.

Devdeveshwar mandir : This is the sleeping place of Dattatreya swami. Daily Guru Dattatreya swami will take bath at Varanasi in Ganga river, Bhiksha (Lunch) in Kolhapur and sleep in Mahur. This temple is present in Mahur town.


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