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Mahakali Devi-Ujjain

Maha Kali temple from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh is famous for one another ferocious deity of Shakti. It is also among the Ashtadasa Shaktipeetha and also the Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva who is in form of Maha Kaleswar. Here devi is called as Hara Sidhi Maata. Locals call the goddess as Garh kalika, The Maha kali (hara sidhi mata) was the aradhana devi of The great King Vikramadithya. It is said that King Vikramadithya who had mastered the Ashtamasiddhis(the great 8 powers) has offered his head by cutting 11 times to devi and all those times devi made him live by joining it back. We will find his portrait a hall next to the temple. It is believed that the Tongue of Sati Devi has fallen here when Lord Vishnu has cut her corpse with his Sudarshana chakra.

She is the Goddess worshiped by the greatest sanskrit poet Kalidasa who has written Sakunthalam, Meghasandesham, etc ., Kalidasa Maha Kavi (Poet) who was an Illiterate has gained wisdom with the Grace of Kalika devi.

  Ujjayinyam mahakali mahakaleshvareshvari /
                 Kshipratirasthita mata vanchitarthapradayini //

The temple is located on the Malwa Plateau on the “Tropic of Cancer”. In the temple the deity is placed in between the idols of MahaLakshmi and Saraswati. There are other temples of sthirman ganesh, simheshwar shiva linga and Hanumatkeshwar shiva linga temple. The idol of Annapurna is painted in dark vermilion colour. The Sri Yantra, the symbol of power or shakti, is also enshrined in the temple. The temple was reconstructed during the Maratha period and the two pillars adorned with lamps are special features of Maratha art. These lamps, lit during Navaratri, present a glorious spectacle. There is an ancient well on the premises, and an artistic pillar adorns the top of it.

Story of Maha Kali:

Goddess Mahakali is also known as Rakt Dantika or Chamunda. Mahakali appeared to kill the demon Andhakasur. Andhakasur, the ruler of Ujjaini in those days, was blessed with a power that every drop of his blood that touched the ground would produce a new Andhakasur. When Lord Shiva pierced him with his trishul, Mahakali appeared and drank all the blood and ate all the new Andhakasurs. The demon finally accepted his defeat and the world became free of demons. Later to killing all demons Mahakali went more ferocious in the war field when Lord Shiva himself lays in between the dead bodies. 

Mahakali mistakenly steps on her husband chest and takes her original form. Pleased, Shiva bestowed upon her the epithet of 'one who vanquishes all'.

MahaKaleshwar temple:

Mahakala of Ujjain is known among the twelve celebrated Jyotirlingas in India. The glory of Mahakaleshwar temple has been vividly described in various puranas.The tradition of Mahakala in minds of the people is eternal Ujjain used to be centre point of the calculation of the Indian time and Mahaklala was considered as the distinctive presiding deity of Ujjain.It is mentioned in many Hindu epics that, Lord Shiva had killed a demon here named ‘Tripur. However the story will be mentioned on my Jyotirlinga section Articles.

             **** Jai MAHA KAALI****


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