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Dear Friends,

Below is the description shared by one of my friends with his bitter experience faced at the SANTRAGACHI Railway Station of Kolkata. The area where system speaks in all aspects. Corruption was on its peak when almost Rs.80,000 was collected from the 40 poor, Middle Class people with only threatening and misuse of Power from the government Officers who work for RPF. I believe this will be soon on the page of Justice and shall avoid such future instances. I will be proud in sharing such any Instances.

We should be presenting all such instances where the money of public is being misused in terms of corruption. I am ready to share on my pages.


Hello My self came from very middle class and well disciplined family .I did my post graduation and currently working for reputed software company as an Senior software Engineer in Kolkata .My native is Visakhaptnam…A.P

Very recent I underwent the below scenario and I realized myself as CITIZEN of INDIA after watching many things very closely in a single day.

Hereafter I will post all my upcoming experiences boldly for the better NATION.

The story as follows………

5-35 AM :The Hwh-Ypr express has arrived at entry point of platform SANTRAGACHI (stoppage before HOWRAH).

5-40 AM : For the first time to this station .I’ve got down with huge luggage and crossed the track and asked one stranger at entry point of platform about the exit point to catch the direct bus to my place.He told the way.

5-45 AM :I’ve walked few steps.(Actually Iam in hurry to go office early becoz Iam returning back from my native Visakhapatnam after a long Dusshera vacation).

5-42 AM:All of sudden some people caught me and asked to stand in one queue.I’ve asked for reason they declined to give reply. I requested to leave me as Iam getting late to my office.

6-00 AM :I came to know the stranger who directed to go this way is belong to same team and I simply wondered.Somehow I came to know they belong to RPF-“Railway Protection Force”.
(They don’t have any uniforms and ID cards)

6-15 AM: Again I’ve asked for the reason then they replied that I have done a mistake to crossing the railway track.I realized my mistake and I told them I will pay penality for my mistake they not at all listened more over they Ill-treated.

(I have noticed that the place I have crossed the track no sign boards,no barrigates,no fencing,no footoverbridge,no volunteers to safeguard the passengers particular railway station)

Simply I wondered to whom I need to ask all these things.I’ve noticed they have intentionally booked.RPF started to take all of us to nearby RPF police station.

6-45 AM: Reached RPF police station after that they have kept all of us kept in a closed room there found near about people are there along with me.(Room is very uncleaned)

8.00 AM : They have started collecting all our details after sometime I came to know they are booking cases on all the 40 people.(we don’t have any communication with the people who are eagerly waiting for us outside the room).

11.00 AM :Cases filing process got completed and they have again opened the gate and asked us to stand in a queue.

11.10 AM :We came to know they are taking all of us to civil and criminal sessions court in Howrah police van.

11.50 AM :We have reached the court gate.The time we are getting down from the van one person without having Id card and uniform standing at van door with one bag and forcefully asked all of us to drop all our belongings i.e., Wallets,Mobiles,Money etc…

Here the actual story began.

12.00 PM :They accommodate all 40 people inside the court jail room which is very unclean.All the walls are spitted with pan masalas,urinals,coackroaches,entire floor with mud,bad smell prevailing etc..

(Inside same room Half-Partitioned opened bathroom with broken tap moreover water is not coming)

In this particular moment I felt myself that I should commit suicide as because this was my first experience in prison premises.

12-30 PM :-On seeing all these things and people inside I felt myself insecured and ask the police to bring outside the room as Iam wearing some gold but they have refused to do so.

1.00 PM:-
After sometime I found my office ID card in my pocket and showed them from the prison even though it didn’t worked out.

2.00 PM :People started requesting the people sitting outside the prison to give some food and water .(Many of the people inside didn’t have breakfast as they are caught early in the morning session).

3.00 PM :One person came and given two biscuit packets and asked 40 people to share(1:40 ratio) on an average.I denied to take the biscuit and water too.

4.00 PM: I realized they wont leave and I walked inside the room and for time being I have started interacted with the people.I came to know out of 40 people many people are innocent,Illeterate,daily labours,remote villages,Diabetic patients,physically challenged moreover they are below the poverty line and downtrodden.
(As October 6th Monday was “EID” festival many people overthere returned from many places in India to spend with their families.They eventold they will come once or twice in year as this one is rare festival for them and they were in very much tensed because thay have already informed all their families that they are coming for the festival and their families are eagerly waiting for them but they are in helpless because they don’t have any communication because they have submitted all their belongings before entering into the jail room)
All these stories really moved me a lot and make me to think off myself where we were and project to the outer world.

4:45 PM :In meanwhile two people with no ID cards and no uniforms came near to the gate and called all of us and told “The persons who wish to go out from this place needs to pay 2150 /- whoever willing to do so give the left thumb impression on this paper,We are giving few minutes time or else will sent to the main prison for the tenure of 1 month if refused”
(Literally they have done the emotional blackmail and make the people thinkoff themselves todo so)

Firstly I told them that I will pay the amount whatever they demanded but prior to that I need confirmation that I will receive acknowledgement (Reciept) for the paid amount.
They have threatened that its not possible if you talk more will sent you the main prison.Pay the amount silently and leave this place.

5:05 PM :-Myself and few people agreed to pay the amount they have demanded that to after coming out from jail room as because all our belongings they have already collected on beforehand.

5:25 PM:-They have prepared two separate list that means the person who agreed to make the payment and who has not agreed.In reality the people who not agreed to make payment really they don’t have enough money.One person called up the names and separated us into two teams and kept in two separate jail rooms.

5-35 PM:-They have called the people who has agreed to make the payments and take the signatures and informed us they are set free.

5-40 PM:- One person asked us to follow him and took us some distance in some ghallis that place seems very isolated.He asked us to check all our belongings and asked us to make the complete payment Rs. 2150 /-which was committed by us.I asked one guy to come along with me to withdraw amount ATM as I don’t have enough money in my Wallet.

5-45 PM:-Before payment I have asked for the clarifications for the amount which I need to be paid.They simply refused and replied me I you talk more again you will put behind the bars so pay the cash committed and vacate the place immediately.Finally I have paid the cash and I took all my belongings vacated the place.)
(I have observed the few people rolling tears in there eyes while giving amounts almost all are daily labourers working for daily wages.I understood their pain behind their earning of money I realize they have earned literally by keeping there blood and sweat to make such amounts.I pity on them because these category of people not at all tolerated and even forcefully robbed from them.)
So finally I realized and instead of ignoring these scenario I feel responsible as a Citizen of India and giving a try to explore the solutions for below questions since long time from my child hood.Hopefully I think will get solutions in future.


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