Monday, 28 April 2014


          An ISM which have the life of earth, An Ism which started when belief, faith started in humans is Atheism. There are people who believe and don’t believe in god. Atheism comes under the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. The term originated from Greeks which mean “without god”. It is believed within some religions in case of spiritual belief systems. Though there is only 2.3% atheists in worlds population, most of them belong to other countries.

          History has it that the belonging of hindutva or the Aryan religion dates back to some 7500B.C. who came from the coasts of Caspian Seas, to settle in the sub Indian continent. I am not here to give a history lesson, but the words "Hindu" and "Hindustan" came to origin when a Mouslem invader, Babur invaded the country. The reason the four basic Hindu religions have the same Gods is because of the collective belonging. Really, sorry to pop your bubbles you racists, but Hindu is the term to anyone living in Hindustan. Not JUST some preachers.

          For past couple of days, I have been keeping tab on the unrest in the Kashmir valley, which is the most heartbreaking news I have come across. Kashmir, the once heaven, now fosters as the underbelly of unrest and terrorism. Practically because army isn't willing to let people "just be". They aren't worried over the future, because they see that they have no future. Is this the India we are trying to create?

          Face it guys, we don't have a collective heritage. The Aryan vansha is supposed to be following the practice of the Vedas ever since it came to existence. And the Mouslem folk are supposed to be following the Koran (or Horan in pronunciation). Both have the same basic principles. For example, the Koran doesn't permit seven marriages, but only one marriage, however, it is acceptable in the society if you give shelter to the needy seven women. IT DOES NOT REFER TO SEXUAL MISCONDUCT!

          Hindutva does NOT fit you in any caste by birth. You have to prove yourself to belong to somewhere. For example, I can be a Brahman only if I attain knowledge enough to be spread. IT IS NOT BECAUSE OF THE WILL OF SOME GOD I AM BORN IN A HIGH CLASS FAMILY!

          The worst thing is that the religious leaders of today are also preaching something that is for the collective good of a section as they claim, but the idea practically doesn't even do any good for the minority.

          The reason I don't like the word God is that the wars happening in His name. My counter question that if God is such an advocate of love, why is there hatred in our hearts? Hate isn't the absence of love, rather the presence of a negative element, that can separate the one true bond, mother and child.

          However, I am not an atheist. What I believe in isn't a religion. It's a collective heritage. I am a wanderer monk in my own ways. I only learn. My "God" is nature, the true chaos and the absolute truth that I have faith in. I wouldn't suggest anybody to follow my routes in life though, because everyone lead a different life.

          But in my ways, I have found peace, freedom and certain things I can't tell. Maybe, because words are too small to express...

          My new found freedom does bind me though. My religious unconventionally, make-ups my mind to stand out, maybe they are the ones binding me. At least they are better than being bounded to conventionalism.

So, sorry to pop all your bubbles and perceptions and preconceptions people, but truth is always truth.

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