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Mighty Himalayas

                India is a peninsular state”- A line which remembers me of my first day in social (Geography) class. Myself, Neither remembered that social more than this line nor expected a day where I chose to write an article starting with that. It means India is surrounded by water on 3 sides and land on one side making it a sub-continent. Himalayas cover the Northern border of India.

                                  MouNt EveResT

Himalayas are the mountain range in asia seperating the India from Tibetan plateau. It have the highest peak’s including the Mount Everest which have an Elevation of 8848m covering an area of 1,089,133 km x km. Some more Mountains of Himalayas are Kanchenjunga- 3rd highest in world with 8,586m , Mount Kailash- 6,638m acting as the source of major and longest rivers- Brahmaputra, Ganges, Indus in asia. There are over a hundered mountains which exceeds 23,600 feet in height and about 15,000 glaciers with 3000 cubic miles of fresh water including Gangotri, Yamunotri. Himalayan region is with hundreds of beautiful lakes.

                                            Mount kAnchEnjunGa

Manasa Sarovar is a fresh water Lake located towards the north of Mount Kailash. It is the mark of purity and is believed that the one who drinks water from lake will go to the Adobe of Shiva after death. It is also believed that all the sins are cleansed once after having that pure water. Hindus say the lake was first created in the mind of the Lord Brahma after which it was manifested on Earth. Hence it is named as Manasa(Mind) Sarovar(Lake).

                                                     Mount Kailash- Manasa Sarovar

Myth Behind:-
Himavantha story:-
Smartly/shortly:- JHimavanth is the king of himalayas and God of snow. He is the father of Ganga and Saraswati, also Parvathi Goddess wife of Lord Shiva. King and his Queen Menadevi were the devotees of Lord Shiva. Meenadevi performs tapasya to please Sati devi, wife of Shiva and gets a wish “Shri Gowri Should take birth as her daughter”.Fulfilling the wish Goddess gowri takes birth as Parvathi and marries Lord Shiva.

Brief Story:-  Sati was born as a daughter of King Daksha Prajapati and his wife prasuti. King Daksh is son of Lord Brahma. From the childhood Sati loves Lord shiva upon listening to his adorable stories and legends. Hence to gain him as husband Sati leaves the kingdom, all luxuries and prays to lord shiva. Mighty God accepts her as bride and knowing this Daksh never accepts their marriage. He cuts his daughter away from his family.

                Sati lives with Lord Shiva at kailash happily. One day King Daksh wants to prove himself more powerful than Lord shiva and also to insult Lord Shiva.Hence he conducts a yagna for which he invites all gods except Lord Shiva and his daughter Sati. Sati knowing of this Yagna wish to visit her parents when lord shiva asks to do on her wish if she really wants to make a visit without invitation. Sati visits her parents and her father Daksh abuses Lord shiva in many ways. Sati realizes that Lord Shiva is being insulted only for a reason of marrying her. Unable to accept it as a wife of mighty Lord wishes to take birth again as a daughter of a person who really honors his husband and invokes the Yogagni,immolates herself.

                Lord Shiva knowing of the things happened to Sati becomes very anger and Sad. He out of anger performs Shiva thandava, creates Veerabadhra and Manbadhra to destroy and kill the entire crew of Daksh. All those who are present there were indiscriminately felled overnight. Lord Shiva never forgets Sati and becomes mad for her love.
Behind the above story, another story runs- which is the king himavath and his queen Meena Devi prays Sati to take birth as their daughter which Sati fulfills now by taking birth as Parvathi thereby also fulfills her last wish of taking birth to parents who respect and honor his husband.

Lord Shiva who is very sad on the death of his wife goes into deep meditation and never knew when Parvati grows up. To bring the mighty lord into this world one more time parvathi worships him all the time. Lord decides himself to test her, takes the form of a young brahmin and tells parvathi not to worship or marry shiva as he lives like a beggar and lives in burial grounds. Parvathi gets angry on him and says she will marry only Lord shiva if she marries. Getting pleased with her answer Lord Shiva comes to his original form and agrees to marry Parvathi. Himavantha performed  the wedding with great splendour.

Lord shiva makes his wife as half in him and becomes ArdhaNareeshwar.

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