Sunday, 5 May 2013

Kanipakam-Vinayaka Temple

                Today I wish to start writing about the temples in India and took a chance to write about Shri kanipakam vara siddhi vinayaka temple. Lord vinayaka is also known as Ganesh, Vigneshwar. He is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles. Kanipakam vinayaka temple is one of the famous temples in INDIA.”Kani “ means wetland and “pakam” means flow of water into wetlands.This temple is constructed in 11th Century at Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh by the Chola dynasty king Kulothunga Chola 1.  It is on the side of a small village on the bank of Bahuda river.The Swayambhu idol of kanipakam has a great significance in history.

The story of it starts here, Once upon a time there were three brothers- they are dumb,deaf and blind. They are cultivating the land there and one day they noticed that the water in well got dried up and they can no longer continue their work. They started digging inside the well. He suddenly hit a  stone with the iron implement and blood started oozing out from the stone and in no time entire water in the well turned to blood red in color. They recognized it as the Swayambhu idol of Lord vinayaka emerged from the swirling waters. The Holy water from the well overflows through channels in these days also.It is offered as Theertam to the devotees. The AMAZING feature of it is still growing in size, earlier only face was visible and now abdomen and knees. Infact every part of Lord Vignesh signifies us a teaching.

There is a legend on the river that is flowing besides the temple. Once there lived two brothers Sankha and Likhita who were on their way, to pilgrimage, to Kanipakam. As the journey was tiring, the younger brother Likhita felt hungry and he plucked a mango from a mango grove in which they were resting, much against his brother's wish. Sankha felt bad, reported this to the ruler of that area, and pleaded for punishment for the sin committed by his brother during the pilgrimage. Thus, Likhita was punished severely being deprived of both his arms. Further on their journey, they took bath in the river near Kanipakam temple and were astounded to see the chopped arms of Likhita were restored as soon as they took a dip in holy water. This incident spread like fire and the river was named as 'Bahuda', meaning 'Human arm'. Thus the river beside Kanipakam temple is known as 'Bahuda River'
Shri kanipakam vara siddhi vinayaka temple has significance for the up-holder of truth.Disputes between people are solved by taking a special oath. The accused in the dispute are made to take a dip in the Pushkarini and swear before the lord. There are instances when the person who comitted sins agrees voluntarily after having a dip in temple water. It is said that the lord makes the sinner repent and feel guilty for his sinful deeds.

Festival days:-
Brahmotsawam is held in every year.  It starts from Vinayaka chaviti and goes for about 20days. The Utsava vigraham is carried out across the town in different Vahana’s. All the days there will be different  Appearances of God. Dwagarohanam,Gramotsawam, Hamsa vahanam, Peacock vahanam, Mooshika Vahanam,Shasha vahanam,Vrishaba vahanam,gajavahanam,rathotsawam,Thiru kalyanam and vadayathu Utsawam.
Utsavas performed:  Adhikara Nandi vahanam, Ravana Brahma, yali vahanam,Surya Prabha, Chandra prabha, kamadhenu vahanam,poling seva,Kalpavriksha vahanam,pushpa pallaki and Vimanotsavam.


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