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Arasavalli- Sun God Temple

Arasavalli is the only sun god ( Surya Narayana swamy)temple in INDIA. Though there is one more temple in Konark, it is considered as the temple which didn’t complete its construction. Arasavalli is located in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh.

This temple is known as Panchayatana temple with Lord Aditya in the centre and with Lord Ganesh, Shiva, parvathi, Vishnu in the four corners of the Quadrangle. Lord Surya’s idol in all its great splendor-and clad in golden colored angavastra. Crown studded with rare diamonds, hands with ‘Abhaya Mudra’ wide open eyes filled with karuna, ear-rings, studded with diamonds, grave and graceful face. His very Darshan assures fulfillment of all desires in the world. King Devendra Varma of the Kalinga kingdom has built it in the 7th century AD.The very temple was conceived and constructed by Viswakarma, the divine architect. An image of Indra is also enshrined in this temple.

At the base of the idols are the figures of Mathara and Pingala the Dwarapalakas, high up are the two divine saints sanaka,sanadana holding the Umberella. The sun god is depicted as riding over a chariot with seven horses drawn by Anura, the Rathasarathy. All these figures are exquisitely carved out of a single black finely polished granite stone.  

This temple is built in such a way as to make the sunrays focus on the feet of God twice in an year during the months of March and September during the early hours of the day. The sun rays are so focused on the feet of idol through the five entrance gates of the temple remain for a few minutes.

Rathasaptami is the most important festival celebrated in temple. On this day it is believed that the country goes into light from darkness every year. The winter season ceases & Spring season starts. Science says Our human bodies meet a chemical reaction with the sun rays and we become healthy. Myth logically it is said to be sun god’s birthday. It is also said that the temple is with full of special sun rays and vibrations and the people who visit it are blessed with health and wealth.

Ratha Saptami falls on the following days in the respective years:
2013: February 17
2012: Monday, January 30
2011: Thursday, January 10
2010: Friday, January 22
2009: Wednesday, February 2
2008: Wednesday, February 13
2007: Tuesday, January 25
2006: Saturday, February 4
2004: Wednesday, January 28
Significance of Sun God:-

Sun god is the only visible god. It is believed that in his daily round over the universe he sees everything physically and understands the truth in everyone’s life. The people who perform Suryanamaskara resite Maha Soura and Aruna Mantras containing powerful beejaksharas of rigvedam and Yajurvedam for giving good health, and that’s why it is known as Arogyam Bhaskaradhischet. The mantra is a spiritual formula hormonating sound which always protects the register in every way. Sunday is considered as the most auspicious day to Sun God Worship.        

People who are unfortunate with diseases from eye and skin visit the temple and offer their prayers to sungod.


Myth Behind the temple is once Lord Indra, the king of Gods has tried to enter forcefully for darshan of Sri Rudrakoteswara Swamy at an untimely hour. The Dwarakapalaka Nandi kicks and Injures Lord Indra. Injured by the Divine attendant he fells down senseless, when he dreamt that he would be relieved of his pain, if he built a temple and installed a idol of the sun god. After becoming conscious he remembers the dream and builds a beautiful idol of sun god, along with the 3 consorts Usha, Chaya and Padmini with 3 handfuls of  Earth. He also constructed a beautiful temple where he fells.

Lord Indra dug a pond, which is known as Indrapushkarini with his Vajrayudam. Even today Devotees feel that they can attain the Grace of Lord Surya if they offer their prayers after taking a dip in the pushkarini.

Sthalapuranam says Balarama, brother of Lord Krishna dug Earth with his Plough and brought the river nagavali along with him.


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