Monday, 4 March 2013

Terrorism In India


            Where do I start to state about the terrorism in India. Everyday an Innocent Indian looses his life somewhere in India. Never the life of an Indian is secured in anyway. Among the multiple terrorist attacks happened across the world, we can say most of them are done in India. I think all the time wrong person gets success only with the help of another wrong person and the path chosen is corruption.

Today I just want to say few things with a small sense.

  1. How can the explosives reach a person when our system is strong?
  2. How can the terrorists reach into India when everyone is correct?
  3. From where the funding to the terrorists is being done?
  4. Why do our government spend crores of rupees in the protection of a person who intend to destroy our country with a gun or bomb?
  5. Does any one know the money spent to protect on kasab till he is hanged, is equal to feed every poor Indian for 2days?
  6. Does any one know the money spent on eradication of terrorist activities is equal to educating every kid in India?

            Lets have a small information on the recent terrorist activity at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The Explosion is high-grade but the quantity of explosive used is low as it was an improvised explosive device. This explosion is similar to blasts triggered by banned militant outfit Indian Mujahideen. Maqbool, who is currently in Tihar jail had said the outfit was planning terror strikes in some places in Hyderabad.

            Bomb Blasts are done on Thursday evening when 16 innocent people were killed and over 50 are seriously injured. The two serial Bomb Blasts occurred in Dilsukhnagar area in the city when it was crowded with people returning home after their jobs. The First blast occurred around 7pm near a tiffin centre opposite Venkatadri theatre and the second near konark theatre. Both the theatres are about 500m from each other. The Bombs were planted on bicycles.

            Union Home Minister SushilKumar Shinde admitted that the government had received intelligence warning of blasts taking place in the country but as the target is not mentioned, no action is taken.

Few of the victims and their information collected:-
Mohd. Rafeeq (22), Ijaz Ahmed (first-year student of polytechnic college), Vijay Kumar (23, MBA student), Mutyala Raju (23, MBA student), A. Ramulu (56), R. Shivani, Gunta Thirupathi and Srinivas Reddy.

Actions Done :-

  1. Enhanced our security system with a big budget for the closed circuit cameras.
  2. Declared compensation amount for the dead and injured.
  3. Expressed “sorrow and anguish” over the attack.
  4. For future usage our government supplied the help line numbers as below.

Expected Decisions:-

  1. Should make a decision of hanging each and every person who intended to kill our people sometime back and now in our jails. It definitely passes a message that we are not afraid of punishing the guilty.
  2. India have vast human resources. We Should increase the protection by using man power instead of electronics
  3. Unique identification system has to be enhanced.
  4. More powers has to be given for police beyond the political lines.
  5. A rule to kill the guilty at the court with immediate sentence has to be done.
  6. Lastly corruption which is never the least. A sole reason for all the happenings is to be condemned.

My Thoughts:-

  1. Should try to increase ones love towards the mother land by providing them the mandatory training to serve the country during their education itself. Things like to work in army or police for atleast an year should be a part of education system.
  2. Why cannot the people who serve and protect, staying inside our country serve the same in border also? There should be some deputation system which should say protecting means inside and at border also.

  1. If this is really a terrorist attack, by this time a statement appealing the responsibility for blasts done has to be on news.Which didnot happen and creates a doubt to people.
  2. It seems like only blasts are planned and it is not concentrated on killing more people, as it is done on a day when there is a call for BANDH and the next day is another BANDH from telangana.
  3. If it is planned to blast at the temple, what will be the consequences?
                        Hope there will not be any failures if such decisions are taken, as everyone will come to know on a day negligence costs their lives also.


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