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                    Among all the festivals in InDia, Holi has a great significance and is celebrated from most of the regions.It is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus as a festival of colors.As per the Hindu calender, Holi celebrated on the phalgun purnima.It has traditionally been celebrated in high spirit without any distinction of cast,creed,color,race,status,sex.

                                   Holi comes from the word Hola which means to offer prayer to the god as Thanksgiving for good harvest.It reminds people that those who love god shall be saved and they who torture the devotee of god shall be reduced to ashes reminding the mythical story of Holika.

Myth of Holi:-

                                   Once upon a time in India. There is a king of demons Hiranyakashipu who has hatred towards lord vishnu and Vaishnavism. He prayed to Lord Brahma and gets his wish of not being killed "during night or day",""inside or outside the house","On earth or sky","By Animal or man","Ashtra or shastra" to fight against Vishnu.He defeats the heavens and earth in war and starts searching for Lord Vishnu.

                                   Prahlada son of Hiranyakashipu when in her mother's stomach listens to the various stories of Lord Vishnu through Narada. He becomes a devotee thereafter.Demon king tries to convince his son many times and fails. His threats are also of no use near his son.Father Hiranyakashipu unable to accept it and decides to kill his own son. He tries to kill him with poisonous snakes,elephants, by drowning him in seas and many other ways...All the time he fails as he has the support of the Almighty god. He decides to see on his own what is really happening..!! So he invites his sister Holika who has a boon of not getting burned in fire. Hence the demons sister takes Bhakta prahalad into her lap and sits in fire. To Everyone's Amazement she burns and die as she tries to torture a devotee, prahalad lives becoming a true devotee.On this day HOLI is celebrated to remind the power of a devotee.

                                  Later through the worship of Devotee Prahalad, Lord vishnu takes birth from a pillar in the form of Half man and Half  Lion- Narasimha Swamy and kills him on the evening which is neither a day nor night in a place between home and outside with his nails.

Detailed story can be followed with below link:

Lord krishna

                                 In Mathura, where krishna grew up the festival is celebrated for 16 days till Ragapanchami. The festival officially ushers in spring, the season of love.

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