Tuesday, 22 January 2013

64 TraDitionAl aRts of InDiA

  Our Ancient Traditional Arts of India are defined as 64 in number. A small question on the below posted image@FB from my sister( Could You Please Explain) helped me investigating more about this.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


LyRiCs In TeLuGu

                        I Never wanted to sing a telugu song written in English.Hope the feelings are same with few more, like me people. Therefore I have provided here some of my favorite song lyrics only in our language. I felt much comfortable when singing, hope you also enjoy a lot. Please feel free to ask lyrics of any telugu song in comments and also share suggestions or corrections if any.


Dear All,

To Provide a scope for better opportunities, I am posting few of the jobs which I am aware and I will do my best to help who ever fits the eligibility. All the thing you need to do is post your profile in the Word format  along with the percentages at SSC, XII and Graduation, PG to my ID sigireddybk@gmail.com. Please mention in subject line as skill/years of exp/current location for experience and for freshers Branch/year of passing/percentage.

Note: E-mail me only when there are no links given at the requirement.

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1. Position based in Hyderabad/ Visakhapatnam
Qualification: Any degree
Experience : 3-8 years
Technology: MS.NET and PHP.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

BhaGmati_Quli Qutub shah- Ek Hyderabadi prem kahani

BhaGmati Premkatha

Among the Greatest love stories of world, Our Indians have some marvelous stories to share proudly—One Story lies behind the worlds greatest wonder, Taj Mahal and the other story is About Bhagmati & Mohammad Quli Qutub shah. The Great Bhagyanagaram (Hyderabad) was named after Qutub shah’s Love and there is no tomb built.we must feel proud to be from such great land.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


                            Among the many love stories I have seen, Never thought of picking up a story basing on Hero performance. It is AKBAR SALEEM ANARKALI (telugu). I was mesmerized from this story and started reading about it more. Collected my best for building an article on it. This story was originally written by Indian writer Abdul Halim Sharar and on the first page of that book he had clearly mentioned it to be a work of fiction.
Anarkali a beautiful name from our history means pomegranate blossom was a legendary slave girl from Lahore(in present day Pakistan). Nevertheless, her story is cherished by many and has been adapted into literature, art and cinema.

The Story of Anarkali


 Ilaiyaraaja, a name which doesn’t require any sort of introduction. He is the maestro of Indian music.He has been a prominent composer of film music in South Indian cinema since the late 1970s. His works are mainly in Tamil, but has also scored music for numerous films in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and one in Marathi. He is the first Asian to compose a full symphony performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London's Walthamstow Town Hall. He was also nominated in the Best Indian album Music Awards category at US based Just Plain Folks Music Organization, which is the largest grassroots music organization in the world, and stood third for his "Music Journey: Live in Italy. In 2003, according to a BBC international poll, people from 155 countries voted his composition "Rakkamma Kaiya Thattu" from the 1991 film Thalapathi fourth in the world's top 10 most popular songs of all time.