Monday, 26 November 2012

Reservations in INDIA

                           According to the constitution prepared our statistics say Since 1950, India has enacted and implemented many laws and social initiatives to protect and improve the socioeconomic conditions of its Dalit population. By 1995, of all jobs in the Central Government service, 17.2 percent of the jobs were held by Dalits.Of the highest paying, senior most jobs in government agencies and government controlled enterprises, over 10 percent were held by members of the Dalit community, a tenfold increase in 40 years but yet to fill up the 15 percent reserved quota for them.

                 The target of the constitution made 61 years earlier had satisfied and made all people in INDIA equal in many terms. Now there are few more Dalits who has not gained anything due to above laws and social initiatives. Government has not concentrated on them in any way.
                  Government has enhanced these reservations to some more time suppressing the brilliance of Indian youth among all the other castes. However, every politician is deeply concentrating in keeping their position safe and not talking on these topics.


1.Why does a person still needs reservation when his/her father or mother is a government employee...?
2. Does government still say, that a government job holders family is backward..?
3. Is there no scope for skill and talent in INDIA..?
4. Why should youth  leave INDIA for growing in life and career..?

Truth is 40% of Indian Youth is leaving INDIA and making other countries prosper.


1. Government can make a resolution saying, the family which enjoys benefits from government in the form of reservations are treated as open category from next generations and they need to compete in open without reservations. This serve the Dalit people who are not benefited and increases the merit rated recruitment's in INDIA... For a BETTER INDIA.



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